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    20th Century
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After mastering Graphic Design and working on a variety of Print and Advertising Design media, I then morphed into a UX|UI Web Designer, and later into a Frontend Developer. Diploma in Web Design and Development, gained in 2010, smoothed out the metamorphosis.

To make things worse, I was awarded a Master’s Degree in Arts in one of the European Universities, founded in 1579.

That’s it, in a nutshell. In a very small one.



Writing clean, maintainable, well-structured and meaningful HTML/HTML5 markup. Making code compliant with web standards and best dev practices.


Abstracting CSS classes and keeping code DRY as much as sensibly possible. Using Sass preprocessor along with SMACSS || ITCSS guidelines.


Adding functionality and elegant user interaction with bits of JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, ReactJS and other contemporary JS frameworks.


Adapting web pages for different user agents and OSs. Meaning, making websites work and look good on desktops, tablets and smart-phones.


His standard of work has always been high, along with his principles of providing the best for every client.

Craig Tindall

Serge is an outgoing person with a good sense of humour. He is talented, technically mature, has a good eye for detail, and luxuriant imagination.

Agniete Kievic

With a passion for creativity, Serge is a hands on Designer with natural ability to use colours, styles, composition and whatnot to deliver best design solutions.

Arturas Slobinas

I would also like to add that Serge is extremely helpful in teamwork, and a nice fellow you can rely on.

Dima Veller


Frontend Developer - Catalyst

2022 – now

Designing, testing and maintaining frontend code for Catalyst clients and projects (internal and external): Frontend work. UI components and applications architecture.

Area of expertise: HTML5/CSS3/ES6/React

Frontend Developer - Optimal Workshop

2018 – 2021

Designing, testing and maintaining frontend code for Optimal Workshop’s products: High fidelity prototypes and finished artwork for responsive web apps and tools. Navigation design, Iconography, Typography, Interface design, Frontend Integration. UI Architecture, Components Libraries. Participation in the Design System build.

Area of expertise: HTML5/CSS3/ES6/React; Design Systems; Figma/Sketch/InVision/Craft/Flinto; InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator/Bridge/Acrobat.

UI Developer - Rabid Technologies

2017 – 2018

UX || UI development in Agile workflow. Field research, user testing, user flows and interactions. Wire-framing, high fidelity prototypes and finished artwork for responsive web apps. Navigation design, Iconography, Typography, Interface design, Frontend Integration. UI Architecture, Components Libraries.

Area of expertise: Sketch/InVision/Craft/Flinto; Abstract/Zeplin/BitBucket/SourceTree; InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator/Bridge/Acrobat.

Frontend Developer - Deviate Ltd

2014 – 2016

Frontend development of websites and web-apps for small/big businesses (Chorus, Energywise, EECA), and government organisations (Ministry of Primary Industries, Ministry of Foreign Trades and Affairs, Ministry of Education) etc.

Area of expertise: Clean semantic HTML5; CSS3/Sass/Less and Bootstrap; JavaScript and AngularJS; Responsive design and mobile first approach; Accessibility and standards compliance; Unix Terminal/Git/Stash/Grunt/Bower; Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks; SilverStripe CMS (including CWP).

Web Coder and Admin - Wellington City Council

2010 – 2014

Full support, administration and maintenance of Wellington City Council public web-site: within a team of 2 other web developers/coders.

Area of expertise: HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP; TortoiseSVN. Sitecore CMS; Google Analytics; Photoshop.

Graphic and Advertising Designer - Fairfax Media

2007 – 2009

Creation and print pre-production of advertisements, tabloids, feature pages, logos etc. Small web related jobs.

Area of expertise: InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator/Bridge/Acrobat; Media preparation for high quality print; Layout and pagination; Photo manipulation and retouching; Work with bitmap and vector files.



Diploma in Web Design and Development

1 year of super hot Web Design and Developemnt studies at Natcoll, Wellington, gave me both practical and theoretical skills in IT and Web. The very day I got the Diploma, I signed my job contract with Wellington City Council as a Web Coder.

Vilnius State University

Masters Degree in Arts

It took me 7 years to study Philosophy, Formal Logic, Latin and Greek, History, Arts and Fine Arts with all my passion. The Master’s Degree I gained had no practical application outside of my Alma Mater. However, my logical and systematic thinking wouldn’t be possible without those studies.




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